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Drophunt v1.0 by Drakulix [FourDeltaOne]
romisДата: Воскресенье, 11.11.2012, 11:53 | Сообщение # 1
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Drophunt - новый режим игры, который может играться в режиме матча Free-for-all или Team match.
Цель состоит в том, чтобы захватить беспорядочно сбрасываемые грузы с самолета, чтобы заработать очки.
Вы не можете заработать очки никакими другими действиями кроме как сбора грузов, 100 очков каждый.
Вы или Ваша команда побеждаете, достигая лимита очков или имея более высокий счет когда время матча закончено.

Всё переводить не стал,проще посмотреть видео.


So you could basically win a game without killing a single enemy, however you need to and you still get rewarded through killstreaks. But their are fixed and changed in order, because they are more or less useful in this gametype.

At first you get a predator-missile at three kills.
Really useless, because you lose time using it and it cannot give you higher score, even if you kill an enemy. But it might be handy in team matches with higher players counts.

At five kills you get the most useful killstreak. The UAV! It is much more important to know in this gametype where the enemies are. And how many. You will see, it is very useful.

At ten you get an AC130. Pretty useless as the best thing you can achieve is keeping the enemies away from the drops, but you cannot collect them yourselfs. Again in team-matches it might support your team members much more, then you could without it, and therefor be much more useful.

Also the Killstreaks are cycling, means you can get another Predator, UAV, AC130 after the first, second, third, etc... ones. That way you get pretty dangerous at 10 kills, because you can start collecting much more streaks with your AC130 and if you are good enough, you will be able to spam killstreaks and get a really good support for your team. Again only useful in Team Matches.

Speed / Weapons:

This gametype is meant to be played really fast. That is why I force speedy gameplay through different things.
At first the gamespeed is increased. Nothing special about it.
And second you get fixed weapons and perks. No other equipment like grenades or claymores.
You get Marathon, Lightweight and Steady Aim.
And you get a silenced TMP with FMJ and a USP. However those weapons are special. They do increased damage through explosive bullets, which makes it easier to take down enemies, but basically makes it possible to take down an AC130 with those.

At this point credits to the creators of the AIZombies mod. I used some code of their mod to achieve that laser effect, although I modified it a bit.

A problem about those is, that you start of with a limited amount of ammo. Only two mags for your TMP and three in you USP. You get new ammo though the care packages, however not a full refill. You should only run out of all ammo, if you are a really bad player, normally you should have enough in your USP, however it might happen more frequently, that you run out of ammo with your primary. So the secondary is much more important and you actually might need to use it.

Does this work on all maps?
Yes all maps officially available are working. Even the SP Maps Oilrig, Gulag, Pripyat, Surprise and Contingency, if you have ported more maps, tell me and I will try to support those.

Как установить данный мод?
Скачайте мод,распакуйте его и поместите папку Drophunt в папку mods директории игры. Если у вас нет папки mods, просто создайте её.

Запускаем игру,заходим в игровом меню в "Mods" и запускаем.

Вы можете запустить мод через консоль или в закрытой игре или на вашем сервере server.cfg. Все варианты режимов FFA и TDM работают, другие типы игры не влияют на этот мод.


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стволы не меняются, а постоянно бегать с узи который пуляет одним салютом ваще как-то не то(((, а так задумка не плохая.

Форум » Раздел игр » CoD: Modern Warfare 2 » Mods » Drophunt v1.0 by Drakulix [FourDeltaOne] (call of duty: modern warfare 2)
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