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AI Zombies eXtreme (1.8.1) [alterRevolution]
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Random Box
Zombies with heads
Bonus Drops

Random Box:
The Random Box costs $950 to use.
You basically get a Random Weapon.
You cannot use it when having a Death Machine this is to stop the glitching of getting 3 or more guns.

Zombies have heads and are enemy team models.
Zombies do 50 damage per hit when hitting the zombie does a knifing animations.
Zombies have animations.
Zombies can move around the map without seeing you (note some maps are not supported yet bit I will finish them all in the final release.
Zombies increase in health and numbers the higher the round is.

At 50 kills is the Predator Missile
At 75 You get a Random Killstreaks
At 100 you get a Sentry Gun
At 125 you get an Airstike (This fires 20mm, 40mm and 105mm rounds alternating between the 3)
At 150 you get 4 Random Killstreaks
At 175 you get a Sub Team (This spawns a helping bot witch has an SMG to help you)
At 250 you get a Vision Restorer (This only works on some maps witch are dark this can also help resetting the nuke vision)
At 275 you get a Super Airstrike (Is a normal airstrike accepts it fires much more much quicker and fires Stingers, Rpgs, and Javelins)
At 300 you get an LMG Team (Basically a bot witch fires an LMG)
At 400 you get an Overwatch (A Helicopter that spawns to help kill zombies is still a little bit buggy right now but I am working on some fixes)
At 650 you get a Tactical Nuke (Basically ending the current round and killing all zombies Does not end game )

Maps Supported:
Quarry(Needs alot of fixing but still playable)
Sub Base
Trailer Park

Current Version: V1.8.1

V1.8 Changes

[spoiler:zs4oyrac]New Maps:
Highrise High Hilton
Top of a hotel with a pool.
Highrise 2 The Twin Buildings
Fit with Elevators and Ziplines.
You now earn XP for killing zombies
Better dedicated server support
New Sounds
Custom gun textures
Zombies move without seeing you
New box called the killstreak box allows you to buy a random killstreak for 200 bonus points.
No more Mustang and Sally
Finally Fixed the Revive System
Buying Last Stand Pro and then using it and dieing again will no longer kill you.
Changed the predator Missile
Better Hud that works on all resolutions.
You can now upgrade the RPG
Airdrops are back since the revive works now.
And lots of other changes I can't remember[/spoiler:zs4oyrac]

V1.8.1 Changes
[spoiler:zs4oyrac]Fixed Parent Script Variable Error
Removed the XP Hud but you still earn XP
And other small changed.[/spoiler:zs4oyrac]

How to load the mod:
Client:Put in console fs_game mods\ai2;vid_restart
Server:Put in to the launch parameters this +fs_Game mods\ai2 so it should look like this
iw4.exe +set party_maxplayers 8 +set net_port 24906 +fs_Game mods\ai2 +exec yourconfig.cfg +map_rotate

[115]Death or Zombiefan564

Video on the mod.

Download: AI Zombies eXtreme V1.8 Beta
Size: 80.4 MB
Download: AI Zombies eXtreme V1.8.1 Full Version
Size: 96 MB

Server Config: Recommended that you use this if you are going to host a server.
// --- QUERY INFORMATION --------------------------------
set sv_hostname "Server Name"

// --- NON-GAMEPLAY CONFIGURATION -----------------------
set rcon_password "password" // password for rcon, empty = disabled
set privateMatch_serverPassword "" // game password, leave empty for a public game

set sv_maxPing "300" // maximum ping, any higher and players will get kicked

set g_inactivity "0" // time in seconds before a player gets kicked if not moving
set g_inactivitySpectator "0" // time in seconds before a spectator gets kicked

set g_logSync "1" // 1 = always flush games_mp.log, 0 = only flush on game end
set g_log "games_mp.log" // game log file

set aiw_sayName "^7Overloard" // name server-side 'say' commands show up as

// --- BASE GAME CONFIGURATION --------------------------ed

set scr_thirdperson "0" // third-person mode
set scr_game_hardpoints "1" // killstreaks, 1 = on
set scr_game_perks "1" // perks, obviously
set scr_game_spectatetype "2" // by request?

// --- Mod Configuration -------------------------------
set g_speed "190" // Sets the moving speed at witch the player moves at
set g_hardcore "1" // Sets to remove the hud I highly recommend to put this to 1 because if you put it to 0 it messes up the hud
set scr_diehard "1" // Sets to revive
set g_ScoresColor_Allies "0 1 0 0" // Chat Color
set g_TeamColor_Allies "0 1 0 0" // Chat Color
set scr_teambalance "0" // Sets player balance do not change this or it will mess everything up
set scr_war_timelimit "0" // Timelimit please put at 0
set scr_war_scorelimit "0" Scorelimit please put at 0
set scr_war_playerrespawndelay "-1" // -1 is no respawn delay, 0 is automatic, > 0 is X seconds
set scr_war_waverespawndelay "0" // wave spawning, might be more 'tactical'
set scr_war_numlives "0" // number of lives
set scr_war_promode "0" // unknown
set scr_war_roundlimit "1" // maximum amount of rounds
set scr_war_winlimit "1" // amount of wins needed to win a round-based game
set z_dedicated "1" // Sets if dedicated server if not set to 0 usually to 1 since you are hosting a server it just disables slowmo and custom sounds
set z_money "500" // Sets starting money default: 500
set z_endgame "1" // Sets if everyone dies game restarts should be left on
set z_find "1" // Used in development only do not change
// --- Killstreaks Configuration Section ---------------
set z_25 "25" // Sets when to say the player has a 25 killstreak or whatever number this is set to
set z_predator_missile "50" // Sets the amount of kills to get a Predator Missile default: 50
set z_random_1 "75" //Sets the amount of kills to get a Random Killstreak default: 75
set z_sentry "100" //Sets the amount of kills to get a Sentry Gun default: 100
set z_airstrike "125" //Sets the amount of kills to get a Airstrike default: 125
set z_random_4 "150" //Sets the amount of kills to get a Random Killstreak X4 default: 150
set z_sub "175" //Sets the amount of kills to get a Sub Team default: 175
set z_vision "250" //Sets the amount of kills to get a Vision Restorer default: 250
set z_super "275" //Sets the amount of kills to get a super Airstrike default: 275
set z_lmg "300" //Sets the amount of kills to get a LMG Team default: 300
set z_overwatch "400" //Sets the amount of kills to get a Overwatch default: 400
set z_nuke "650" //Sets the amount of kills to get a Tactical Nuke default: 650

// --- AUTOMATED ROTATION -------------------------------
set sv_mapRotation "gametype war map mp_afghan gametype war map mp_estate gametype war map mp_abandon gametype war map mp_nightshift gametype war map mp_rust gametype war map mp_trailerpark gametype war map mp_boneyard gametype war map mp_quarry gametype war map mp_compact gametype war map mp_underpass gametype war map mp_highrise gametype war map mp_strike gametype war map mp_derail gametype war map mp_terminal gametype war map mp_brecourt gametype war map mp_subbase gametype war map mp_checkpoint gametype war map mp_favela gametype war map mp_invasion gametype war map mp_vacant gametype war map mp_storm"

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